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Facials for Any Skin Type

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All of our facials at VociMedSpa are carefully curated to provide visible and lasting results for all ages and skin types. Through the power of essential oils, plant extracts, and scientifically backed active ingredients, our top of the line Yon-Ka facials are able to effectively target skin aging and address all potential issues of the skin. Extractions are included in every Yon-Ka facial with the exception of the 25 minute Purity. Series of 3 are recommended for optimal results.


with VociMedSpa

25 Min $79
50 Min $125
80 Min $179

Cleansing, refreshing, purifying.
This personalized aromatic treatment is designed to smooth the skin’s texture and minimize the appearance of pores. Superior to a conventional approach, each step enhances your skin’s ability to regain and maintain its natural balance. Suited for all ages and skin types.

50 Min $165

Anti-aging, brightening, revitalizing.
Reveal a luminous and brighter-looking complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots with this effective hydroquinone-free intensive 50 minute treatment. Patented time-defying Vitamin C and 30% glycolic acid naturally and effectively interrupt the entire melanogenesis/skin pigmentation process helping to lighten existing spots and prevent new ones from developing.

50 Min $165

Nourishing, soothing, balancing.
Soothe and restore malnourished, dehydrated skin with Yon-Ka’s high performance 50 minute Nutrilessence facial built to repair and boost your skin’s natural defenses. Soothe feelings of tightness and irritation with intensely nourishing organic Inca Inchi oil.

50 Min $165

Calming, comforting, reparative.
Calm sensitive or reactive skin with this 50 minute phyto-aromatic treatment boosted with pre and postbiotics to soothe redness and reduce irritation. A hydrating soft peel and cooling mask application paired with a gentle double massage will calm the senses and promote intense relaxation.

50 Min $125

Cleansing, refreshing, purifying.
This custom deep cleansing facial meets the needs of the active man. This intensive treatment smooths out bumps, purifies the skin, soothes irritation, and eliminates signs of fatigue and aging: our plant-based formulas will leave your skin energized, and refreshed.

vociskin is a medical grade skin care line developed with the purest and most active ingredients. It is our dedication to providing skin products that are healthy and able to make real changes to the skin at the cellular level, to slow down the signs of aging, combat acne and improve the overall health of any skin type. We always offer free consultations with one of our medical estheticians to help you choose the right regimen for your skin.